Jaime Lepine

Artist Bio

Jaime Lepine is a Metis artist currently located in Winnipeg, MB. She was born in Portage La Prairie, MB and her family is from the small Metis community of St. Ambroise, MB which is located on the Southeast tip of Lake Manitoba. Jaime still spends as much time as she can in the community of St. Ambroise, connecting with family and friends and spending time in the home her dad grew up in. Jaime learned to bead through the Storyboot School, which is a program that aims to revive the traditional arts by offering mukluk and moccasin making classes. Jaime attended one of the first classes offered and fell in love with bead working. Throughout the years she continued to assist in teaching Storyboot School workshops which allowed her to continue working with different teachers, learning new techniques, and passing that knowledge on to others. For Jaime, beading not only provides her a creative outlet, but she loves being able to connect with her roots while creating something special to share with others.

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