Spring '24 Collection

Rooted is a celebration of connection and community, led by Mikailah Thompson, a radiant force at the intersection of Afro and Indigenous communities. In Mikailah's hands, art becomes a bridge, connecting past, present, and future. Each bead, each stitch, nods to the legacy of her ancestors, a celebration of today's vibrant pulse, and a shared joy as we connect with our community joined together by the simple beauty of spring.

Join us on a journey that transcends time, weaving together the threads of our past, the pulse of the present, and the promise of the future. #stayrooted

Mikailah Thompson

nimíipuu (Nez Perce Tribe)
Meet the Featured Artist
Mikailah Thompson

Mikailah Thompson is an Afro-Indigenous (nimíipuu) artist and entrepreneur currently residing in Washington, D.C. She integrates her nimíipuu heritage into her artwork, which has been featured by prestigious organizations like SWAIA's Santa Fe Indian Market, Eighth Generation, ThunderVoice Hat Co., among others. With a profound commitment to empowering Indigenous communities, Mikailah seamlessly blends her passion for artistry and entrepreneurship. Thompson's work for our 2024 Spring collection embodies her commitment to cultural preservation, showcasing her distinctive artistic style. Her collection features elements such as geometric embroidery, exquisite beadwork, captivating prints, unique band detailing, and creative outsole designs.


"Rooted in my culture, I intricately bead subtle elements of nimíipuu and African designs into the pieces I create. Each bead, each stitch, serves as a profound homage to the legacy of my ancestors—honouring their stories, traditions, and resilience. Most of my designs are geometric, a traditional influence that inspires a lot of my work. I really love bold designs and patterns that tell their own stories. I had a lot of fun playing with colour for this collection, making sure that each style is both unique, and very wearable."

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