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Product Information


Where are your products made?

Many of our signature products are made at our headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada, including our Iconic Kanada Collection as well as our Métis, Corrine Hunt, and Deerskin collections. Our Storyboot items are handcrafted by elders and artisans in Indigenous communities.


To make our brand more accessible to more people and to compete with other global fashion brands, we also produce some of our products internationally. You can filter with a drop-down menu on our mukluk or moccasin pages – simply select Made in Canada to view that collection.


Are Manitobah Mukluks waterproof?

Manitobah Mukluks makes a variety of products that match Canada’s diverse climates. We offer select styles of adult mukluks that are waterproof. Those styles are tagged online as waterproof and can be seen here


Both styles of children’s mukluks are waterproof. They have been treated with our AuthenTEC waterproofing system; treated hide and an internal flexible coating that is inspired by pine pitch and spruce gum. Manitobah conducts rigorous waterproof and temperature testing using a minimum 50,000 flex standard.


The rest of the adult mukluks are constructed with natural suede and leather which are not sealed and not considered waterproof.  We recommend treating them with a leather/suede protector to help with water resistance and general protection. All of our MUKLUKS are insulated with sheepskin footbeds and most are constructed with untreated suede which is porous (and not considered waterproof). These natural materials need to breathe in order to be effective in extreme cold. Indigenous people have been surviving in the coldest climates for thousands of years using this very wisdom. 


How do I care for my Manitobah Footwear?

Protection: Use a silicone-based leather/suede protector. Do not spray fur, as it contains natural protective oils. We offer a protecting spray on our website here

To Clean: Leather can be cleaned using a gentle soap and soft brush. For salt, wipe down with a damp cloth. Even if they have been sprayed, salt is corrosive and can cause damage

To Dry: Once wet, allow your footwear to dry naturally

Wear: Never pull fur when putting on or removing boot, fur sheds over time and frequent friction will cause the fur to shed much faster. Cross laces over before tightening to avoid tearing leather eyeholes

Storage: When ready to store them for the season you should clean them, allow them to dry and then pack them away in a sealed container away from heat, moisture and pets (a plastic storage tote works great.) You can also use a pool noodle or something similar in the shaft to keep them upright during storage


Do Manitobah Mukluks have a left or right foot?

Our Mukluks and natural soled Moccasins are not built on a traditional foot last so there is no left or right foot. This method has been used on Indigenous footwear for thousands of years. Over time the natural materials will form to your foot and allow you to have a custom fit. Moccasins with the turtle vibram sole and all of our kids mukluks do have a left and right foot.


What is the temperature rating on your Mukluks?

Our sheepskin-lined mukluks are considered one of the warmest winter boots for northern winters and are rated down to -32 degrees Celsius. Partnering with Vibram has also allowed us to design a sole that allows your foot to bend. Research indicates that flexible soles promote proper foot movement and blood circulation to your toes. This means that in cold dry weather, our mukluks will allow your feet to stay warmer than almost anything on the market.


Will they stretch?

Your Mukluks and Moccasins should feel snug when you first get them. Because of the natural materials used, they will stretch up to about half a size with wear to form a very comfortable, custom fit. Unlike a standard boot or shoe, it is normal for your toes to touch the end inside, but they should not be curled up or in pain.

*Note - please do not try and stretch them out if you think you may have the wrong size. If your pair is not comfortable enough to walk in, you should exchange for a bigger size. Returns must be in unworn condition, so wearing them around the house for too long may result in the return being denied. 


Why do my waterproof mukluks feel damp inside?

This is common to all well-sealed waterproof winter boots, our waterproof styles are not as breathable as our non-waterproof mukluks. Some customers have reported perspiration, which can feel cold or even be mistaken for water seepage. For damp mukluks, dab them with paper towel inside and let them air-dry. To avoid this try wearing a wool sock. Wool will allow your feet to breathe and keep them insulated without overheating. Layered socks, wool socks and drying the boots out regularly will definitely help.


How can I tell if my waterproof mukluks are leaking?

A great way to check if you are experiencing perspiration is by testing them! First, dab them with paper towel inside and let them air-dry. Once they are completely dry, test them by submerging in water up to 4 inches deep for a minute or two with paper towel in the footbed. Our waterproof styles are completely sealed so you are able to submerge them in a tub or container of water without any leaking. If the paper towel gets wet during this test, you have a defective pair which we will replace under the warranty - just send photos of the waterproof test and the damp paper towel and we can get you set up.


What are your natural product limitations?

Fur: Fur sheds over time. Frequent friction will cause the fur to shed much faster. Fur should not be pulled on or subject to abrasive chemicals or salts. It can be spot cleaned with a non-abrasive soap, but otherwise it has natural oils to protect it from most elements. We do not recommend spraying your fur with sealants or synthetic sprays.

Crepe: Crepe is a soft, natural rubber. Crepe soles should only be used for indoor and light outdoor use. They are not intended for everyday urban use and cannot withstand highly abrasive concrete environments. 

Suede and Leather (non waterproof): These natural materials are soft and porous and absorb water. Please treat your mukluks and moccasins appropriately to protect them from the rain and snow. We recommend using a silicone-based spray to help protect our suede and leather products. Do not spray the fur areas because they contain natural protective oils. The best tool for ensuring the long life of your mukluks is diligence. If they get wet, make sure they are dried thoroughly and spot cleaned. Dark dyes may also tend to run, just like your favorite denim.

Pompoms, ties and straps: Please be careful with your pompoms, ties and straps and do not pull hard on them. It is best to tie your mukluks once in a good knot than to keep retying them.


Shipping and Returns


What shipping methods do you offer?

Manitobah Mukluks provides free shipping to most areas of Canada and the US.

All orders are processed in 1-2 business days and will arrive within 3-5 business days of being shipped. 

International orders have a slightly longer turnaround time with 1-2 business days processing time and 5-7 business days shipping time.

Express shipping is available for $50 and will arrive within 1-2 business days of being shipped.


What is your online return policy?

Items purchased from the Manitobah Mukluks online store can be returned in new, unworn condition with all tags and original packaging within 30 days of purchase. On orders exceeding $50, Canadian and US customers are eligible for free returns.


Orders from the US states of Alaska and Hawaii do not qualify for free returns and exchanges. Return shipping must be paid for by the customer and may be reimbursed at our discretion.


Click here to set up a return online.


What is your Manufacturer Warranty?

Manitobah Mukluks prides itself on selling high quality products. It is in this spirit that we approach our craft and support our customers. All Manitobah Mukluks products are covered by a “Material and Manufacturing Defect Warranty” for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase with the original bill of sale from an authorized dealer. This warranty does not cover excessive wear and tear and/or products that were used outside their intended purpose. If a product is found to be defective after inspection by a Manitobah warranty expert, we will repair or replace the product with an existing comparable model at our discretion. Issues related to our natural product limitations cannot be covered by this warranty.


How do I initiate a return?


Click here to set up a return online.


Once your return is received at our HQ, processing and inspection typically takes 3-5 business days to complete. During certain high-volume times of the year, processing times may be longer. Once completed, you will be notified by email.




What Methods of Payment do you accept?

Canada: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa/MasterCard Debit & PayPal

US & International: Visa, MasterCard, Visa/MasterCard Debit

We do not accept COD, Cheques, or Money Orders.


How do I give someone a Gift Card?

We sell electronic gift cards on our website which can be found on the last row of our products page, or by searching for “Gift Card”. After purchasing an electronic gift card, you will receive an email which you can either print out, or forward to the person you would like to receive the gift.

Please note: Gift cards purchases are non-refundable. If a new order is placed using a gift card and has to be returned, a refund will not be possible. An exchange for an item equal in value of the gift card used must be processed.


How do I use my Gift Card?

Once you have items added to your cart and would like to apply your gift card, click “Check Out”. On the page asking to enter in your shipping address, on the right-hand side of the screen is a spot to enter the gift card number.

Please enter the entire gift card number as it looks on the electronic gift card and press “Apply”. The gift card amount will be deducted from your order and you can continue the rest of the checkout process.

If the gift card does not cover the full cost of the order, you will be asked to enter in your credit card information on the last page of the checkout process. If only a portion of the gift card is being used, the remainder will still be valid using the same gift card code.


How do I check the balance on my Gift Card?

You can see the remaining balance by clicking on the “View your gift card” button in the email that contained the gift card number.


How do I place a wholesale/retail order?

If you are interested in wholesale information for your retail location or would like to put in an order, please contact our wholesale order desk. They can be contacted by email at or by phone at our toll free number: 877-945-5551.


What are your International Production policies?

We own a factory in Vietnam and have a great staff there, with an incredible employee retention rate because we offer a wage that’s 3x higher than national average, a safe work environment, standard workweeks, and other positive initiatives for our staff. We have previously worked with an ethical partner in China when our factory needed help keeping up with seasonal demands; since expanding our Vietnam location we have ended that relationship, however there may be some stock from this line still in circulation. We visit all of our international facilities throughout the year to verify working conditions and employee morale, and do not work with any factories that employ children or youth.


Our international production is held to the same high standard of quality materials and techniques that we use here in Canada. Our production manager in Winnipeg has been with Manitobah Mukluks since the beginning and has personally trained our international staff to ensure that the same standards of quality control are maintained. We are proud of our manufacturing policies and our ability to build capacity globally. We believe that our success as an Indigenous business has been due to our willingness to walk forward while honouring our past. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you have.


How is your fur sourced?

For thousands of years Indigenous people have been using leathers and furs to create beautiful and functional footwear and we are proud to carry on this tradition. The furs and leathers we use are by-products of the meat industry. We are essentially taking a material that is considered ‘waste’ and utilizing it to make our moccasins and mukluks like Indigenous peoples have always done. We buy furs from tanneries that buy them from a variety of farmers who sell the meat for food.


What is your Fur Policy?

We buy furs from tanneries, who buy them from a variety of farmers who sell the meat for food. In sourcing these furs; we're using materials that would otherwise be considered “waste” and utilizing them to make our moccasins and mukluks.


The best way to be mindful of the conditions that the animals are kept in is based on the quality of the fur. A healthy fur is the sign of a better treated animal; healthy fur is lush and full, and it wouldn't be patched-together to hide defects. We’ve become experts in recognizing great fur and we’re intent on making sure nothing gets wasted.


What Materials do you use?


Fur: We use rabbit fur for all our fur styles. All the natural materials we use, including fur, are by-products of the meat industry of mainly Asia and Europe. We pride ourselves in taking material that is considered ‘waste’ and utilizing it to make our mukluks and moccasins, just like Indigenous peoples have always done.

Leather and Suede: For most of our products, we use cowhide for the suede/leather, the only exceptions are the products made with deerskin. Our leather is full-grain, which is extremely durable and water-resistant. Over time, full-grain leather develops a rich, dark patina that highlights the natural characteristics of the material. Most of our leather and suede materials are not treated and are not considered water proof. See “Waterproof Technology” section for more details about our waterproof styles.

Sheepskin: All Manitobah Mukluks and some moccasins are made with Sheepskin Shearling in the foot bed. Sheepskin soothes the skin and caresses the foot, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These unique insulating qualities of sheepskin have been known for generations. It is why, today, we put sheepskin in the sole of every Manitobah Mukluk.

Sheepskin also assists in creating the best possible fit, it is made to mold to the shape of your foot creating a comfortable custom fit. Our products have a zero drop, which means there is no arch support

Vibram Sole: A Vibram sole is the world’s leading high-performance rubber sole. It can withstand the effects of cold and high-abrasion urban environments. Our partnership with Vibram allowed us to use their 70 years of history and a rugged TC1 compound to provide a durable, low profile sole that could also serve as a canvas for an Indigenous Story.

Crepe: Some of our footwear is made with a crepe sole. Crepe is a natural material that’s made from latex tapped from trees like the Pará rubber tree. This type of sole is suitable for indoor and light outdoor use, but is not suitable for everyday urban use and will not withstand highly abrasive concrete environments. 

Deerskin: Deerskin leather is a gift from nature. Soft, supple yet durable, deerskin is among the finest leathers in the world. Markings such as scratches and wrinkles enhance the beauty and are your assurance of superior quality. Deerskin is a more delicate material compared to cowhide suede/leather. Please note that we are unable to ship any Deerskin products to the U.S. without the purchase of a special importation license from the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement. 

Waterproof Technology: We offer select styles of adult mukluks that are waterproof and both styles of children’s mukluks are waterproof. These styles are tagged online as waterproof and can also be filtered. Manitobah conducts rigorous waterproof and temperature testing using a minimum 50,000 flex standard. Our AuthenTEC Waterproof System is inspired by pine pitch and spruce gum, the traditional waterproofing materials originally used for waterproofing mukluks. The Waterproof Half Mukluk is made with waterproof suede and is sealed 4" from the bottom. It is sheepskin lined (like all of our mukluks) and is rated to -32C.

Dyes: We use water based aniline dyes, which have been rigorously tested and are not harmful in any way. It is normal for a bit of colour bleeding to occur (like your favorite pair of jeans) but will stop after the first few wears.