Social Impact

Walking with Indigenous Communities


We honour our roots through numerous social impact commitments and initiatives. We invite you to walk with us, join us on our journey, and support us on our mission to make real positive impacts in Indigenous communities.

Indigenous art is the foundation of our work, and Indigenous artists contribute to all of our core designs. We provide a platform for authentic Indigenous art that encourages pride, shapes lives, and helps keep traditions alive.

education for change

At Manitobah, we teach and freely pass on what we know. In 2013, we founded the Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School, which brings Indigenous artists together with students from across Canada. The courses are free for Indigenous youth and help pass on time-honored innovations and traditions to the next generation.


The Indigenous Market helps Indigenous artists share their stories and products with customers from around the world. For every unique Indigenous-made product sold through the Indigenous Market, 100% of the profits go back to the artists. Artists are also supported with mentoring, marketing, and B2B networking.


of profits to the artists

Sovereignty Through Leadership

Manitobah is a pathfinder for Indigenous business: an ongoing example of how Indigenous values, ethics, and culture can find success in the global market.

Manitobah helps develop economic independence by prioritizing Indigenous suppliers, employment, and equity ownership, while making no compromises when it comes to beauty, craft, and performance.

Sustainable & Transparent

As a certified B Corporation, Manitobah affirms its commitment to being a force for good. By adhering to the highest standards of social and environmental impact, we're walking together and making a difference with every step.

Social Impact Reports

In our Social Impact reports, we bring together a summary of our 4 Pillars of Social Impact and overall environmental, social, governance practices, including goals, accomplishments, and challenges. We are proud to present our first ever Social Impact report, a step towards giving transparency and accountability to our social impact initiatives and goals.

2023 Impact Report

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