Gloria Beckman

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Gloria Beckman (Niska), originally from Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan lived her earlier years at the trap-line with her parents. The only language spoken in the home was Woodland Cree, “TH” dialect. Stories, songs and lessons were taught in Cree. Even the dreams were Cree. Some of Niska’s favorite lessons learned and still loves doing today are making Traditional crafts, clothing and other regalia.

Niska still preserves animal skins the traditional way if given the opportunity, and considers fur bearing road kill a gift and very useful. Cold winter days and nights were filled with beading, moccasin making and or other traditional crafts such as birch bark basket making, or bark biting to name a few. Crafting/art built strong bonds between the women in Niska's family as they sat sharing stories while creating. It is what she turns to for inner healing and has found it to be very profitable as well.

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