Cynthia Hamilton

Artist Bio

Cynthia Hamilton is a talented Ojibwe artist hailing from Treaty 3 with a rich cultural heritage that encompasses both European and First Nations ancestry, including Metis roots. Born in Baudette, Minnesota, to Canadian parents, she was raised in Rainy River, Ontario, where her artistic journey began. Inspired by a picture of her Great-Grandmother adorned in beautiful moccasins, Cynthia knew she had to learn the art herself. Despite being far from home in California, she persevered, self-teaching herself through extensive research and experimentation, eventually crafting her unique patterns. What started as a hobby transformed into a meaningful artistic expression, keeping her family's cultural traditions alive.

Cynthia's diverse skills span from crafting traditional moccasins and Ojibwe-inspired designs to portrait painting in pastels, oils, and acrylics. Her dedication to honoring her First Nations and Metis heritage is evident in her work, where she incorporates embroidery designs to pay homage to her Metis roots and integrates traditional Ojibwe florals into her creations.

Cynthia's artistic journey is a testament to her dedication and passion for preserving and celebrating her rich heritage. Her sister, Teresa McDowell, and niece, Cheyenne McDowell, are also part of this creative family legacy, each contributing their unique artistic talents to the world. As Cynthia continues to create breathtaking artwork and impart her knowledge through community workshops, her profound connection to her roots remains an essential foundation in all her artistic endeavors.

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