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Crystal Behn is of Dene and Carrier ancestry. She was born and raised in Treaty 8 traditional territory where she currently resides in northern British Columbia. Crystal grew up watching her mother make and sell beaver fur hats, mitts, mukluks and moccasins worldwide. Sadly her mother passed away from cancer while Crystal was still in her addiction. Two years into her sobriety and pregnant with her first child, Crystal felt it of upmost importance that she learned from her grandmother the ways of her people and respect her culture just as her Mom, Grandma and Auntie Elaine have taught her.

Crystal also invites you to her facebook page ‘In Her Footsteps Authentic Dene Designs’. Crystal has received accolades for her art which has earned her many first place wins, a scholarship and most recently an award from the BC Achievement Foundation for emerging artist in First Nations art.

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