Abigail Clarke

Abigail Clarke

Abigail is a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band in Treaty 6 territory. She was born in La Ronge, Saskatchewan and raised at her families trapline 5 hrs north of La Ronge. It was at the trapline where she was taught the traditional way of life of her Woodland Cree culture and heritage.

Her late father Ben Clarke taught her and her siblings how to hunt, fish, trap and how to thrive off the land. It was also where she gained her knowledge, connection and love for her culture, the land and traditional way of life. When Abigail was 15 she was signed with Manitobah Mukluks as one of their Storyboot Artist. The Storyboot program aims to promote and support artist who create traditional pieces of footwear such as mukluks and moccasins as well as other forms of artwork such as beadwork and caribou hair tufting. Since creating her first pair of mukluks at age 14 she has had her work showcased and sold on the Shopping Channel, shown in Museums such as the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada, and in many stores / tourism centres throughout Saskatchewan.

Her work has been sold all over the world. When Abigail was 15 she started her own business called Mokwa Iskwesis Artworks which means "Loon Girl" in Cree. Abigail's mission statement is to preserve, practice and showcase her Woodland Cree art forms and way of life, to teach her craft and show others the importance of being connected to your culture, the land and it's resources. Although her artwork is deeply rooted in her ancestry, she aims to blend tradition with contemporary mediums and design. Abigail currently lives in La Ronge, Saskatchewan with her husband and 8 month old daughter. She spends her days creating new designs, exploring and gathering resources, as well as fishing, hunting and trapping with her family.

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