Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

On June 21st, we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples' Day, a day to recognize Indigenous excellence and resilience. In celebration, we are highlighting some of the Indigenous artists we've collaborated with, who have preserved and carried traditional art and knowledge forward. We are proud to have worked with all these artists to bring their art to life on our mukluks and moccasins.




Caroline Monnet | Anishinaabe
Artist Series 2022 (Size 5 still available!)

Christi Belcourt | Michif (Métis)
Artist Series 2019, 2020, 2022 (product sold out)

Corrine Hunt | Kwakwaka'wakw / Tlingit
Artist Series 2021, 2018 (product sold out)

Dewayne Dale Jr. | Diné
Mesa Collection (2022), Skoden Collection (2023)

Elias Jade Not Afraid | Apsaalooke
Reflections Collection embroidery & sole (product sold out)

Heather Endall | Cree
Turtle Sole, Tipi Sole, Bear Sole

Jamie Okuma | Luiseno, Shoshone-Bannock, Wailaki, and Okinawan
Artist Series 2019, 2020, 2021 (product sold out)

Janice Parsons | Inuk
Ulu Wrap, Dancer Collection embroidery

Jennifer Younger | Tlingit
Artist Series 2022 (product sold out)

John Brent Bennett | Haida
Pacific Collection sole, Boreal sole (sold out)

Kaija Heitland | Métis
Modern Moc sole (2023), Berry Clog design (2023)

Krysta Furioso | Anishinaabekwe
Anewki Accessories (sold out)

Madison Holler | Anishinaabe, Dutch and Scandinavian
Artist Series 2023

Meagan Anishinabie | Oji-Cree
Kayak Series beadwork

Mikailah Thompson | nimíipuu
Spring '24 Collection

Naiomi Glasses | Diné
Artist Series 2021 (product sold out)

Niio Perkins | Haudenosaunee
Cabin Collection sole / Plains Flip sole

Pat Bruderer | Cree
Artist Series 2023

Prairie Owl Beads | Métis
Prairie Collection (product sold out)

Rosary Spence | Mushkegowuk (Swampy Cree)
Snowy Owl Collection, Half Mukluk & Keewatin Mukluk beadwork

Shannon & Ryan Gustafson | Ojibwe
Bloom Collection

Tiffany Vanderhoop | Haida
Artist Series 2023, Raven's Tail Accessories (2022)

Victoria's Arctic Fashion | Nunavummiut
Artist Series 2022, Rise Collection (2023)