Louisa Moreau

Louisa Moreau (née Tsetso) is a Dene artisan from the Dehcho Region, Northwest Territories. Born and raised 45 miles from Fort Simpson at Taggacho, she now resides in Fort Simpson. She began sewing at age 12, taught by her mother, and in her 40s, learned moose-hide tanning from her mother and sister. Louisa crafts traditional garments, beadworks, and
moose-hair tufting, also tanning various hides seasonally. Inspired by nature, she gathers medicinal plants, berries, tea leaves, and wood for tanning, besides fishing, incorporating these elements into her floral designs. She teaches her skills in local schools and groups, producing moccasins, gloves, mitts, hats, jackets, vests, mukluks, and other items. Her work, including collaborations on historical recreations, is recognized by The Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Government.

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