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Are Manitobah Mukluks waterproof?

No, mukluks are not considered Waterproof. Suede is porous and we use natural insulators, like sheepskin, to keep your foot warm. These materials need to breath in order to be effective. Indigenous people have been braving the coldest climates for thousands of years with this very wisdom. On wetter days we recommend a pair of rubber boots, but for most other cold conditions our mukluks are still the best.

What is the Temperature Rating on your Mukluks?

Our sheepskin-lined mukluks are considered one of the warmest winter boots for northern winters and are rated down to -30 degrees Celsius. Partnering with Vibram has also allowed us to design a sole that allows your foot to bend. Research indicates that flexible soles promote proper foot movement and blood circulation to your toes. This means that in cold dry weather, our mukluks will allow your feet to stay warmer than almost anything on the market.

How do I protect my Manitobah Mukluks?

Please treat your mukluks and moccasins appropriately to protect them from rain, snow, and other dangers. We recommend using a silicone-based spray to help protect our suede and leather products. DO NOT spray the fur areas because fur contains natural protective oils. The best tool for ensuring the long life of your mukluks is diligence. If they get wet, make sure they are dried thoroughly and spot cleaned. Please also keep your mukluks away from pets!

Do Manitobah Mukluks have a left or right foot?

Our mukluks are not built on a traditional foot last so there is no left or right foot. This method has been used on Indigenous footwear for thousands of years. Over time the natural materials in your mukluk will form to your foot and allow you to have a custom fit.

What is the difference between a Vibram sole and a Crepe sole?

A crepe sole is made with a natural rubber that molds to your foot when you apply heat to it. It is great for indoor wear and light outdoor use. It does not hold up well in wet conditions and will break down eventually if worn on pavement.

A Vibram sole is the world’s leading high-performance rubber sole. It can withstand the effects of cold and high-abrasion urban environments. Our partnership with Vibram allowed us to use their 70 years of history and a rugged TC1 compound to provide a durable, low profile sole that could also serve as a canvas for an Indigenous Story.

Where are your products made?

Many of our signature products are made at our HQ in Winnipeg, Canada. This includes our Iconic Classic Mukluks with our Vibram Sole, our deerskin products and our Storyboots, which are handcrafted by elders and artisans in Indigenous communities. In order to make our brand more accessible to more people, and to compete with other global fashion brands, we also produce some of our products internationally. In our catalog and on our website, we indicate which products are Made in Canada.

You say "proudly Canadian", yet some of your products are made overseas – How is that authentic?

Manitobah Mukluks IS proudly Canadian. As an Indigenous Canadian, Authentic to me means being engaged in and contributing to my community. It also means respecting our history while creating positive change for the future. The best way for me to make the biggest impact is to get as many people wearing Manitobah Mukluks as possible. It's simple, for every pair of Manitobah Mukluks we sell, we are able to make a bigger impact. As a company, we work with local artists, we showcase successful role models and we invest in education and employment through our partnership with CAHRD (Centre for Indigenous Human Resource Development). I'm particularly proud of our StoryBoot program which aims to help revive traditional arts by creating business building partnerships with elders and artisans who fashion mukluks and moccasins the traditional way. Through our "Walk With Us" program, we let consumers learn about our programs in the community and to choose one for which we will contribute an additional $1 as a thank you for their purchase and registration. Making some products overseas allows us to reach more people than we would otherwise thereby contributing to the growth of the brand and to our impact in the community. I believe that our success as an Indigenous business has been due to our willingness to collaborate and to look to the past while walking forward. - Sean McCormick, CEO, .

How do your mukluks fit and what are the dimensions of your products?

In general, our products are made with natural materials that will stretch and form to you, so it’s good to pick a product that fits you snuggly. If you don’t have access to a retailer where you can try on our products and purchase them there, we have a few tips for choosing the right size for specific products:

Vibram Soled Mukluks: These mukluks run a half-size big compared to other brands and since we don’t offer half sizes it is good to round down to the nearest full size. Please see the sizing chart below.

Crepe Soled Mukluks: These mukluks generally fit a size to a size and a half larger than traditional footwear. We recommend sizing a full size down and then rounding it to the lower full size. (If you are a traditional size 8.5, we recommend aiming towards a size 7). Please see the sizing chart below.

Kids Mukluks: Please see the sizing chart below. These fit fairly true to size and we don’t recommend sizing down since they will be grown into.

Moccasins: Our crepe-soled, leather soled and turtle Vibram soled moccasins all fit fairly true to size. Please see the sizing chart below.

Size charts

Tipi Vibram size chart Turtle Vibram size chart

Kids size chart

kids size chart

What is your fur policy?

Manitobah Mukluks produces, designs, and sells traditional Indigenous footwear. For thousands of years our people have been using leathers and furs to create beautiful and functional footwear and we are proud to carry on this tradition. The furs and leathers we use are by-products of the meat industry. We are essentially taking a material that is considered ‘waste’ and utilizing it to make our moccasins and mukluks like our ancestors have always done.

What is your return policy?

Manitobah Mukluks prides itself on selling high quality products. It is in this spirit that we approach our craft and support our customers. All Manitobah Mukluks products are covered by a “Material and Manufacturing Defect Warranty” for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase with the original bill of sale from an authorized dealer. This warranty does not cover excessive wear and tear and/or products that were used outside their intended purpose. If a product is found to be defective after inspection by a Manitobah warranty expert, we will repair or replace the product with an existing comparable model at our discretion. Issues related to our natural product limitations cannot be covered by this warranty.

What are your natural product limitations?

Fur: Fur sheds over time. Frequent friction will cause the fur to shed much faster. Fur should not be pulled on or subject to abrasive chemicals or salts. It can be spot cleaned with a non-abrasive soap, but otherwise it has natural oils to protect it from most elements. We DON’T recommend spraying your fur with sealants or synthetic sprays.

Crepe: Crepe soles should only be used for indoor and light outdoor use. They are not intended for everyday urban use and cannot withstand highly abrasive concrete environments. Moccasin soles are meant for indoor use only. Similar to crepe soles, suede soles are not capable of withstanding outdoor wear in general.

Suede and Leather: These natural materials are soft and porous and absorb water. We do not treat our hides with waterproofing chemicals. Please treat your mukluks and moccasins appropriately to protect them from the rain and snow. We recommend using a silicone-based spray to help protect our suede and leather products. DO NOT spray the fur areas because they contain natural protective oils. The best tool for ensuring the long life of your mukluks is diligence. If they get wet, make sure they are dried thoroughly and spot cleaned. Dark dyes may also have a tendency to run, just like your favorite denim.

Pompoms, ties and straps: Please be careful with your pompoms, ties and straps and do not pull hard on them. It is best to tie your mukluks once in a good knot than to keep retying them.

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